Our Fellowships


Our Fellowships

4.0 offers two fellowships designed to help you develop your idea and build your leadership skills. We believe in a human-centered process that helps you grow your idea in community and ensures that what you build is truly impactful.

As a Fellow, you’ll receive access to a national community of supportive and bold leaders in education, targeted coaching from alumni experts, curriculum to help you develop the leadership skills and design thinking frameworks to take your idea to the next level, and capital to help you run small-scale experiences of your idea in your community that help you move forward.

We want to support you in collecting rigorous data to test critical assumptions about your idea. Toward these ends, we will coach you toward creating “right-sized” and meaningful metrics for success that give you the information you need to know to move forward with your idea, and also allow you to tell a compelling story about your work. Last year, we piloted a required set of metrics for fellows, and this year we are further leveling-up our metrics work by institutionalizing a peer review process for your pop-up/pilot plan and connecting you with experts in the field through our Measurement & Evaluation Collaborative.

We believe that an intentional focus on your own development as a leader can transform your idea, so our programs have a focus on leadership development- specifically self awareness, social awareness, and emotional intelligence. Our newly integrated talent and idea development curriculum will allow you to build your idea while also nourishing elements of your own development.


Stage 1: Essentials Fellowship

Reflect on your identity in relation to your work, define the problem you want to address with your idea, start to figure out if you are the right person to do the work, and prove that people want what you’re building.

Got an idea for how to build a more equitable future of education in your community? The Essentials Fellowship is here to help you start. This fellowship takes aspiring founders (like you!) from an idea on paper or in your head to a small-scale real-life experience with the families, educators, and students you want to work with. We’ll help you to learn tools to navigate the leadership challenges of being an early-stage education entrepreneur, build the foundation of your idea, and work with your community to see if they want what you’re building.

Stage 2: Tiny Fellowship

Run a pilot, Build Support, Validate Your Best Idea

Do you have an idea with early traction that’s ready to grow? In the Tiny Fellowship, you’ll learn how to plan, run, and evaluate a recurring, part-time pilot (e.g. after-school club). We’ll help you to answer the question of whether what you’re building works, building up support and proof points you can use to take your idea to the next level.

Stage 3: Find Your Pathway

Access Support from Alums and Partners


Alumni of our Fellowships get connected to partners who can help you and your idea to grow, coaching to help you apply to downstream programs and opportunities, and connections to the 4.0 community (over 1,000 incredible education change makers across the country).

 Ashley Edwards & Alina Liao - Mindright  Camelback Fellows 

 Ashley Edwards & Alina Liao - Mindright Camelback Fellows 

Jonathan Johnson - Rooted School  Echoing Green Fellow

Jonathan Johnson - Rooted School
Echoing Green Fellow

Brad Petersen - Future Public School   NewSchools Invent

Brad Petersen - Future Public School
NewSchools Invent

"I appreciate the community and perspective of 4.0 on the work of educational equity and solutions design. Focusing on developing solutions that work, rather than simply marketing that sells, speaks to the integrity of the 4.0 model and its belief in truly making a difference for kids. And I believe the 4.0 community is truly invested in my development and the success of College Beyond; it's a community I feel deeply connected to and interested in remaining in touch with as we continue to develop our organization."

— Paris Woods, Founder, College Beyond 

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