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Tiny Fellowship


What is the Tiny Fellowship?

The Tiny Fellowship takes aspiring founders (like you!) from an idea with early traction to a proof point that is ready to grow. You’ll learn how to plan, run, and evaluate a recurring, part-time pilot (like an after-school club). As a Tiny Fellow, you’ll receive coaching from experts, pilot funding, and a community of peers, all pushing themselves to run disciplined tests of their ideas with their communities. By the end of the Tiny Fellowship, you’ll have evidence of if your idea works and if people want it, and have support for moving forward.


How it Works



Learn how to Design a Rigorous Pilot

The Fellowship is designed to be flexible to meet your needs. During the month of November, you’ll start with a virtual part-time course, Sprint, to prepare for your pilot. You’ll have access to virtual coaching from a paired coach, the 4.0 team, and a bench of experts we’ve assembled, along with virtual programming that develops you as a founder.



Attend Tiny Camp in New Orleans December 12-14

We believe ideas grow stronger in community. With a refined pilot plan, you’ll come to New Orleans for Tiny Camp weekend. You’ll be part of a cohort of teams of founders across the country who are building schools, educational programs and services, tools, and physical products. You’ll meet your paired coach in person and will spend time learning together with your peers and getting critical feedback on your pilot plan.



Run Your Pilot at Home

We believe that every dollar you spend should teach you something. With your new accountability and learning network, you’ll head home with funding to run your pilot with the students, families, and educators in your community. We’ll coach you to learn quickly about your idea’s potential by validating it using feedback from your community. When you complete the Fellowship, we’ll support you as an alum to continue growing your idea. You’ll also have access to our national community of over 1,000 alumni and downstream partners.

Program Dates & Timeline

  • Coaching Begins (Virtual) - November 11, 2019

  • Tiny Camp in New Orleans - December 12 - 14, 2019

  • Tiny Piloting - December 2019 - May 2020 | Fellows Complete Pilot in home community and receive follow up 1-1 coaching virtually

  • Tiny Grad Camp in New Orleans - June 12 - 14, 2020

"From learning to pilot, to developing a sales process, to negotiating with partners, 4.0 has had a resource for all my challenges. Through 4.0, I've recruited team members, published thought pieces, and learned how to better focus on equity / impact.”

- Jen Chiou, Founder, CodeSpeak Labs 

Meet Past Participants

Watch Kennan’s Video App to Tiny

Watch Kennan’s Video App to Tiny

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See What Nic Did - Program

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